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Consider the situation as thus: after the war against Antony came to a close, Augustus (or as he was known then, Octavian) was at the head of Romes empire: he had, at his disposal, over five hundred thousand legionaries With this in mind, it seems strange that Octavian developed his power base in such a piecemeal manner. If being brought up during the time of the Late Republic had taught Octavian anything, it was that overt displays of autocracy generally fed the resentment of the Senate one only has to examine the fate of Caesar to be aware of this.However, if Octavian followed the mould of Sulla and retired directly after the civil wars, Rome would most definitely become re-enveloped by hostilities.

While it is true that the “common man” had more political power under the Republic the reality was that in both systems it was really only a select few who had the true political power.

Mesquita is the author of Over the last 30 years, Mesquita has developed a series of mathematical models for forecasting how people interact in complex situations.

He has a very good track record, especially when it comes to North Korea: "I have had a lot of students over the last three or four years model what will happen in North Korea after Kim Jong-il," Mesquita told Big Think, "including a group of students several years ago who predicted that he would designate his son Kim Jong-un as the successor--before he even knew he was going to do that." A Tale of Two Would-Be Dictators Kim Jung-un was not always the heir apparent.

However illiberal and brutal their methods, including several coups d’état and police crackdowns, the military and police kept Turkey from imploding.

But this has changed since Erdogan’s unprecedented purge of the security services in the aftermath of the failed coup of July 15.

Since 2003, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been a guiding light for the ascendant global class of anti-elite, nationalist, conservative leaders.