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31-Dec-2016 19:57

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“You get comments from people, even your mom, telling you your hair looks bad and well-meaning advice that ‘you should just cut it honey’.” In a post entitled “What you didn’t know about your friend with long hair”, a writer depicts the plight of a Longhair hiding hair products marketed at women “with men’s shaving products, a home-gym set of perfect push-ups and a can of motor oil” in his shopping basket.Which begs the question, is it really so hard for men to have to find black hair bobbles in the supermarket or have to use products, God forbid, marketed at women? Additionally, we have been told of the rise of the man bun and the dandy flop.But little is known about the long-hair community, a vibrant online network of men “with hair long enough to fall upon the shoulders.” Longhairs have great tips on how to keep your locks healthy, but they also deal with bias and abuse as they test the edges of traditional gender roles.For me having the long hair because I wanted to be different and unique, but I've realised that lot of guys have long hair and the first thought when you see them is "Hippie-weird-dirty".I've always felt like when you game properly none of this shit means anything.There’s something to be said for a man that let’s his hair grow; he’s both hiding and standing out from the status quo.A man that doesn’t feel the need to fit in is sexy because he’s confident in his natural state which may cause you to question his motives in a more closer personal manner.

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We now know there’s more to them than stereotypes and this guy is my specific type right here.Though I’m partial to my friend and photographer Trills Smith, I can never resist twirling his hair through my fingers when I see him.

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