Politely decline online dating

14-Jun-2016 20:52

A recent study from Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project shows that, while there's an increase in the number of individuals using dating apps, there is still a "desperate" stigma surrounding the entire affair.

And, according to Slate's Amanda Hess, the way users build their profiles on dating websites seems to be contributing to the stain on the digital social scene.

If someone is asking you out in the "real world," obviously it's harder to reject people.

You can always make it easy on everyone and lie and say "you're sweet but I have a boyfriend, sorry." Or just look them in the face, pause, and then laugh hysterically saying, "you're funny! Hmmm, interesting topic I would prefer to be told the truth, if you want you can sweeten it up by saying something like this: "you are a great guy, but I just don't feel any chemistry"On the other hand, I am guilty of ending a relationship in less honest way, just simply let it pass, talked for a bit, but didn't arrange another date.

But it bothers me that he keeps asking, I have tried the "I don't think this is appropriate" line, he always retorts with a "but that's silly, we're just friends" reply.

He is unhappily married, not that he describes it that way, but he and his wife live very separate lives. He asks how my personal life is and tells me that if I am not happy at any time in my current relationship, he has a single buddy I should meet.

She didn't insist, if she was I had an answer ready, would say that she is a great girl, just there was no magic between us Well nine out ten times the guy asking me out that I don't want to go out with is a lot younger than me.

So I politely tell them, "I'm sorry but your a bit too young for me."Fifty percent of the time it actually works nicely because then when they find out how old i really am, they actually smile and don't look dejected.

He has asked me out a number of times, first it was lunch and others were inlcuded, although he always picked up the total tab, then it was lunch for just he and I a couple of times, I tried to pay my tab but he refused to let that happen.I think this comes from my younger years when I was always so challenged with "letting a guy down gently" who was interested in my but I didn't feel the same.The difference now, is that these guys are married and that is a BIG difference. People don't hide that they are married or seeing someone these days.

Explore your feelings and make sure discussing this with your BF was not about some other thing. You make some great points WM and I thank you for sharing your perspective.

Not that there's any algorithm to predict human compatibility, anyway.