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"Misogyny and homophobia are the two acceptable means of oppression in hip hop culture. Gary Nunn in The Guardian said that the song was "a far cry from the cheese-fest that usually puts commercial interest first, tenuous rhyming couplets second and poignancy last" and that it "may be the most profound song" hip-hop as a genre has produced.

Adam Fleischer of XXL wrote "Lewis provides bright and uplifting instrumentation to perfectly reflect Macklemore’s forward-thinking analysis of hip-hop and society’s take on homosexuality and same sex marriage." The music video for "Same Love", directed by Ryan Lewis and Jon Jon Augustavo and produced by Tricia Davis, debuted on Lewis's You Tube account on October 2, 2012, and accumulated 350,000 views 24 hours after its debut.

It helps you both understand your cycle and predict your future cycle by comparing your very own patterns.

Fertility Friend provides both tools and education for you to explore and understand your fertility signals: Fertility Friend takes all your data entry into account to find out your fertile days based on your own patterns.

By investigating your mouth, your hygienist gets information about your teeth and gums, and then makes notes on the chart about any important information that needs to be recorded.

The chart your hygienist produces can take a variety of forms.

Miranda Kerr and her fiancé, Evan Spiegel, are set to marry in 2017, following a 9 month engagement.

The couple met at a Louis Vuitton dinner in 2014, and have been inseparable ever since.

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Here, we trace the most iconic, from Hollywood's Golden Age to today.

A dental chart is a graphical tool for organizing all the important information about your teeth and gums.

Your hygienist, who checks the inside of your mouth, typically makes your dental chart.

Sometimes referred to as "Fertility Awareness" or "Natural Family Planning", fertility charting is based on the understanding that we can identify the fertile window- the days when conception is possible- by observing our natural fertility signals.

In each cycle there are just a few days that make up the fertile window.

Fertility Friend provides easy to follow educational videos as well as more in-depth resources to help you understand your body signals. The image above shows you the relationship between your ovulation and period and a typical hormonal profile.

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