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And on the last night, grab a six-pack, drive down the dirt path past the Upolu airport to the low volcanic cliffs on the north shore and watch breaching humpbacks ply the channel as the sun sets. Even if it was a hazy memory, I had driven through Big Sur before.So when we found time for a two-night trip last June, I decided to book a night at the Glen Oaks Big Sur motor lodge (doubles, 5; and wing the rest.Sudden fame and a self-destructive lifestyle were taking a toll on Jack Kerouac's mind and body following the unparalleled success of the groundbreaking novel, On The Road.Once the handsome literary maverick and hero of the Beat Generation, Kerouac now sees only a vestige of his former self, ravaged by alcohol and drugs, aged beyond his years and tormented by self-doubt.His desperation culminates in an intense, hallucinatory breakdown, but the duality of his ...Tiger Rag Performed by Charlie Parker Written by Nick La Rocca, Edwin B.Later in the year, during spring quarter, one of my teammates started dating one of her teammates, which put us around each other much more often, and that’s when I really started to notice her.I asked the gymnast that was dating my teammate, Michelle Bobonski “Bobo”, to introduce Stacey and me.

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Besides, during my research I became obsessed with finding one of the Japanese glass fishing floats that occasionally wash up on the coast.

How We Met: Stacey and I met in college, at UC Davis.